Clothing makes the Man!

A big THANK YOU to my cousin, who sent me a several T-shirts as an early birthday present. The shirt on the left is my new Adult Congenital Heart Association “South Carolina Chapter” T-shirt. As far as I know, the South Carolina Chapter of the ACHA has one member… me! Obviously, we’re recruiting new members. All the current chapter members get along really well, but it is very difficult to delegate authority!

The ACHA shirt was born out of my desire to find the shirt on the right, a RED South Carolina shirt. At the small museum I used to work at, we sold a T-shirt that looks like the South Carolina State Flag — a white Palmetto tree and Crescent Moon on a Royal Blue background. We occasionally wore this shirt as part of our uniform, and while I loved the shirt, I hated having to wear it.

A blue shirt doesn’t look good on someone who is Cyanotic… all it does is enhance the slightly bluish hue you already have. When I put on my blue South Carolina shirt, it made me appear to be more ill than I actually am. So I began to look for the tree and moon on a red background. Shirts with a red hue tend to diminish a Cyanotic appearance.

Before you start scratching your head and wondering if I have lost my mind, the red SC flag is an actual historical flag, used by The Citadel. Although you think there would be red T-shirts all over Charleston, SC (The home of The Citadel) there doesn’t seem to be any. But my cousin, who is co-owner of Westside T-shirt in Gainesville, Florida, was kind enough to make me both an ACHA shirt and the Red Flag shirt! Once again, Denise… THANKS!


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