Heart of a Champion

Bad news today.

I’ve been following a young man (4 months old) through his parents blog. He has Tricuspid Atresia also, and he had the Glenn Shunt operation just a few days ago. It looked good for a few days — oh, there were good moments and bad moments, as there always are in a postoperative recovery room — but from what I read, I thought they were close to turning the corner. Another good day or two, maybe three, and they’d be writing about bringing the young man home.

Then his parents got The Call early this morning. You don’t want to get The Call, especially early in the morning. When the phone rings way past midnight, it’s usually bad news. They rushed to the hospital, where Johnathan was fighting for his life. Post after post, the news just kept getting worse. And finally a post at 4:06 PM (Eastern) today reported “Johnny’s gone.”

I have heard this story many times: When I was in Johns Hopkins in 1967, a baby born a month early was brought in. The child passed away the next day, and my father asked the doctor what had happened.

“We’re not sure,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “Some children just aren’t fighters.”

From everything I have read, Johnathan was a fighter. He wanted to live, to grow up with his sister and love his parents like any child does. And he fought tooth and nail for his chance to make it. But the battle was just too much for him.

Go with God, Johnathan, and Rest in Peace.


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2 Responses to “Heart of a Champion”

  1. Shaun Thomas Says:

    When I was in the hospital in 1984, two of us kids went in for some type of heart surgery, and I was the only one who came out. I had some internal bleeding they had to get under control, but otherwise came through everything ok.

    Not sure about being a fighter, but in this case, I’d consider it the luck of the draw.

  2. Crystal @ Noahs Adventure Says:

    Just wasn’t a fighter? That comment made me sick! There are some stories that come to an end even though they are short.

    My prayers for baby Johnathan’s Family.

    Great site, btw.

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