The Mark of a Warrior

Here’s an article appeared today in the Cedar Rapids Gazette about Heather Magee, who will appear on How to Look Good Naked this week. I met Heather at the Adult Congenital Heart Association‘s National Conference held in Philadelphia this past May.

Heather’s not a celebrity. (Well… not yet!) Nor is she a “Compensated Spokesperson.” She doesn’t appear on behalf of the ACHA. She’s got a heart defect, just like I do. In fact, she has the same heart defect, Tricuspid Atresia. She’s had the Fontan Procedure, but I haven’t. (I was scheduled to have the Fontan and was actually on the table, but bleeding from torn scar tissue got out of control and the operation was canceled.) So her story rings true and her opinion carries a lot of weight with me.

There was a large gala at the ACHA convention on the final night, and a lot of the attendees were dressed formally. The women were beautiful and the guys were handsome! (Most of us were handsome, I was just less clumsy! I considered it a personal victory not to spill the soup in someone’s lap or wind up face first in the punchbowl!) A lot of the young ladies were wearing dresses that showed their surgical scars and, in some cases, pacer scars. I found myself wondering if this was a new experience, if perhaps this was the first time some of them had worn their beautiful clothes and not been asked “Where did that scar come from?” Physical imperfection must be so much harder on a woman; ladies’ dress clothes reveal much more skin than a man’s, and society demands that you look perfect. And because we, as a society, judge on appearance rather than on substance, someone as beautiful as Heather “hated her scars.”

Heather’s episode of How to Look Good Naked will be on Lifetime TV Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 10 PM Eastern. Check your local listings for your area. Use Heather’s example to show your CHD children that a scar is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a mark of victory in a lifelong battle.


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