EVERY heart…

Did you watch How to Look Good Naked Tuesday night? I did, and was even more proud of my friend Heather. She’s every bit the fantastic young lady that you saw on TV.

Heather was born with Tricuspid Atresia, the same heart defect that I have. I met her when we both attended the Adult Congenital Heart Association’s (ACHA) National Conference this past May, and it seemed as if every time I saw her she was holding a video camera. She’s responsible for filming and editing the two ACHA videos you may have already seen. She even danced at the gala with the camera, filming the crowd! (I haven’t seen that film yet, but I’d love to. Adult Congenital Heart Defect patients know how to get their groove on!)

ACHA membership is open to any adult with a heart defect, and membership is FREE for those with a CHD. Join the group, get involved in our message boards, and trade information with others who share your experiences. Attend our national events, and plan to join us on Lobby Day 2009. Some of our larger local groups have monthly meetings and hold public events.

If you were inspired or brought to tears by  Heather’s story, I invite you to Join the Adult Congenital Heart Association. Get involved with a fun group of people, work to improve the lives of all of us with Heart Defects, and learn more about your heart health than you ever have before.

Because “Every heart deserves to live a lifetime.”

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One Response to “EVERY heart…”

  1. Kerri Pennington Says:

    So wonderful to read about an adult living with CHD! My daughter, Mary Clare was born with HLHS. She has had the Norwood, the Glenn and will have her Fontan in a couple of years or so. She is doing great and living life as a “normal” baby girl for now. (She is 14 months old) Although it is wonderful to connect with and learn from other CHD parents, I love reading your thoughts on living with CHD personally. Thank you so much for sharing. You’ll never know how much comfort this brings me!

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