Friday Night Links

I’m busy today!

I’ve been working on my speech for Baltimore, checking to make sure my good suit still fits (Where did that spot come from?!?! It’s been stored in a garment bag, for crying out loud!) and getting some last minute paperwork done. The paperwork isn’t due until early October, but if I get it done now it won’t be on my mind later.

But I’m not going to leave you hanging! I’ve found some interesting links to pass on to you:

* From March 2007, surgeon Sid Schwab describes how a surgeon clears his mind and prepares for the crucial moment.

* EchoDoc wants to remind us that blood-thinners and antibiotics don’t mix. (Read this one it is important!)

* Researchers in Canada and the United Kingdom report that CHD patients tend to see the doctor more often. (Really?) They also say they have been “hampered by a lack of reliable data.” Hmm… sounds like they need a patient registry!

* Another one from Sid Schwab, this one from August 2006. When the doctor’s phone rings in the middle of the night…

* The Food and Drug Adminstration has banned drugs from two factories in India because of manufacturing problems. A list of the banned drugs is here. The good news is that the drugs currently in the US are safe and our drugmakers can replace what has been banned.

* For those of you who have Congestive Heart Failure and are considering “natural” remedies, EchoDoc has a few words of advice.

* Exercise is good for you, especially if you have a Funky Heart. So tap your toes to Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway!


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One Response to “Friday Night Links”

  1. Sid Schwab Says:

    Having more or less abandoned my medical writing for now, it’s nice to know the words are still out there to be found. Thanks.

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