Exit, Stage Right

A friend asked me this morning what would become of this blog if something…. happened. The word itself was never used, but I figured out what was being implied. Blogs stop being updated all the time on the internet; would readers ever know if I just moved on with my life or if IT happened?

First of all, that possibility is pretty remote. Sudden Cardiac Death just doesn’t occur that often in patients with a known Congenital Heart Defect.

“Wait a minute!” You say. “There was that basketball player a few years ago. And the kid who died on the ride at Disney had a heart defect!” True, but they didn’t know they had a heart problem, and weren’t under a doctor’s care. When you have a Heart Defect and you see your Cardiologist as you should, Sudden Cardiac Death shouldn’t be the cause of your demise. (Note I say “shouldn’t”, as there are always exceptions.)

Rest assured, if I get to the point that I decide to close Adventures… down, I’ll let you know and thank you for listening to my ramblings. And if something were to happen unexpectedly, I also have a “just in case” plan. WordPress allows you to write a post, and then set a “timer” to automatically publish it later. So I’ve already written a “final post” and I have it set to appear on the last day of the month. Every month, I reset the timer for the next month. If I don’t reset it… Houston, we have a problem.

The odds are that when I die, my heart won’t kill me. It’s much more likely that I’ll accidentally step in front of a bus. (That’s why I live in a small town: Not many busses!) If I have my way, I’ll go while in a beautiful woman’s arms… and the doctors will come out of the Emergency Room and tell my friends “We’re sorry. We operated on him for nearly twelve hours, but we couldn’t get the smile off of his face!”

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2 Responses to “Exit, Stage Right”

  1. Bob Trenkamp Says:

    wrt “If I have my way, I’ll go while in a beautiful woman’s arms” …and that, most likely, would be from a sudden cardiac arrest. For more than half the 13 million people in North America who have coronary artery disease, their very first symptom will be sudden cardiac arrest.

    …of course your demise might be at the hands of the beautiful woman’s jealous husband. If so, pray that he’s either a very good shot or so bad a shot that he can’t hit your torso or head.

  2. Steve Says:

    True, Bob, but I have a Congenital Heart Defect, not Coronary Artery Disease. I know about my heart problems, take care of myself, have a *good* cardiologist, and see him roughly every 4 months.

    As for the husband… messin’ with another man’s wife is not good karma. It WILL come back and bite you in the butt. So I stick with the single ladies. It would be just my luck that hubby is Wyatt Earp and John Wayne, all rolled into one! 🙂

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