Sunday Night Biology Class (No Cheating!)

From ABC-TV’s Schoolhouse Rock, here’s Do the Circulation! (Schoolhouse Rock was fun; I wish they would make more of them!)

From the May 5, 1979 episode of Happy Days: Potsie uses the song Pump your Blood to remember how blood travels through the heart. It’s a catchy tune! This is the only excerpt from the show that I could find; the video quality is poor and it’s seven minutes long! (The extra footage is to present the entire plot of the story.) Just wait until Fonzie gets involved! (“My boy don’t cheat!”)

Here’s Pump your Blood again, much shorter, but with the lyrics and a diagram! (The diagram is incorrect! Can you find the problem?)

And finally, to take a break from your “studies”, here’s Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing Dancing in the Dark.

I’ve almost got everything ready… I still have to pack (but I know what clothes i want to take, that’s half the battle!) my speech is written, and a teacher friend says it makes sense. I’m taking my laptop and hope to update you from Baltimore, but only time will tell if that works out.


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