Broke and Busted

I think the regular readers of Funky Heart know how cheerful and optimistic I am. But let me tell you right now, I am worried. And not just a little bit, either.

The recent mayhem in the stock market should make anyone worried. Whenever I was facing heart surgery, I was worried, of course, but not like this. Then, I (or my parents) understood how the heart worked, why mine didn’t work quite as good, and who was probably the best person to fix it. Stocks? Derivatives? Mortgage Bundling? I don’t have a clue. Nor do a lot of other people, and it looks like it turned around and bit them in the rear end.

But it didn’t just bite the hand that fed it, it took a chomp out of everyone. Now the economy is teetering, there is a plan to fix the system by throwing a whole lot of money at it, and there is no promise that it still won’t all come crashing down.

I’m really worried for those of us who need Disability or Social Security. The “rescue plan” will add 700 BILLION dollars to the budget deficit all at once, with probably more to come. And the total cost is expected to be almost one trillion dollars. So where is the money for our needy citizens supposed to come from? Run the numbers all you want, it just ain’t out there.

I’m on the Plan-D drug program. Without the reduction in cost, my pills would cost $147.97 a month… no that’s not a lot, but I don’t have a bottomless barrel of money. To me, a hundred and fifty bucks a month is a sizable chunk of change.  My greatest fear is what would happen if Plan D collapsed and then my savings dried up. I – and a lot of other folks like me – would be in a real mess. And I don’t have any answers, and that’s the worst part.

I’m not making a political issue out of this. As for how this happened, someone (or several someones) will be the odd man out and take the blame, but it’s not time to worry about that. What is done is done. There are times when you have to stop being a Republican, Democrat, Green, and just be an American. Everyone grab the rope and pull, because we’re in this together, and this is one of those times. The economy exploded; and everyone has to help clean it up. So maybe this trip to Baltimore is my way of (figuratively) grabbing a broom.

I’m stop now, I’m rambling.


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