Taking it Easy

I’m off again this week – heading to Atlanta to see my Cardiologist. My appointment is early Wednesday Morning, so I’ll leave Tuesday and take my time getting there. The next day, I’ll have the appointment, and unless he keeps me hanging around for a test of some type, I’ll be able to beat the traffic out of town and be home that night.

My interview of Amy Verstappen will be posted after I return. Heart Moms and Dads, you will want to read this, the Adult Congenital Heart Association has some projects in the works that will help all of us, not just adults!

I have very poor coordination. If it were possible, I’d be “strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime,” but I’m more like Don Knotts searching for his bullet. While I was in Baltimore, I had three goals:

1) Represent myself and the ACHA well;

2) Not to spill the soup in my lap;

3) Not to spill the soup in anyone else’s lap!

And I was doing good until lunch at the conference, when we were served a bowl of Corn Chowder! Oh, my goodness… but thankfully, everything went into my mouth, and not on my shirt. (or anyone else’s.)

To be serious, I am very clumsy. If there is a water bucket with a mop in it within 500 feet, I will manage to put my foot in it somehow. The nicer my clothes, the more likely I am to damage them. Whenever I get dressed up for something, I just know that I will be swimming in green dye before the day is over.

There is really no way around it, you have to learn how to adapt. As Leo McGarry said in The West Wing, “You fake it until you make it.” I can fake it pretty good but I don’t think I’ve made it quite yet because half the time, I just know there is a disaster waiting to happen.

Like most sick kids, I was warned to take it easy during P.E. classes. And take it easy I did… to the point of being lazy.  I had the right to sit out the class when I wasn’t feeling good, and I sat out when there was no real reason to sit out, other than I had a bad case of “I don’t wanna!”

And that’s all my fault. That’s not part of having a heart problem, that’s having a laziness problem. And I’m convinced that is why I just don’t have the moves. Even today, while I know walking is good for me, I still have to fight off the lazies and make myself go outside.

So Heart Moms and Dads, if your Cardiac Kid seems to be loafing through life, don’t let him get away with it! If he can’t do something, I understand and sympathise. But if he can do something, he needs to get to it. As time passes and your body ages, you’ll find that you can’t do what you used to be able to do. (I know that lots of parents are nodding their heads in agreement.) And if your heart was damaged to begin with, you’ll find it harder and harder to keep yourself in shape. And most likely, you should have started long ago.


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