Sunday Night Links!

I think I have forgotten how to read a calendar: I thought for sure that this week, I had a Cardiologist’s appointment in Atlanta. It’s next week, October 8. I’ll be gone Tuesday and Wednesday, but I’m taking my laptop and I should be able to post. The date on your links might look a bit iffy, but they are not stale; and as of 10:22 PM EST 9/28/2008, everything works. It’s just been a busy week around here! Good information never goes stale!

Here’s a study of survival rates for the Bi-directional Glenn Shunt, the results look good. This study suggests the numbers can be even better!

A DNA test could change organ transplant procedures forever!

I’ve written about Electronic Medical Records before. Here are two articles by a Healthcare Chief Information Officer: Electronic prescriptions are going to be easier said than done, and there are just some personal health records that won’t be transmitted. Meanwhile, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston gives you one of these when you are discharged from their Cardiovascular Institute.

Here’s some local news: Clemson University researchers are working on heart valves. Clemson is right here in my home state, and although I support the Gamecocks, it’s great when the “other guys” do good, especially when it is something this important. Despite nasty rumors you might find on the internet, a Clemson heart valve does not make you want to shout “GO TIGERS!” on Saturday afternoons in the fall!


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