Keepin’ the Beat!

It’s the 50th birthday of the Implantable Pacemaker! Check out the first one produced by Medtronic – scroll down to see how big it really was – and read the obituary of the first man to receive an implantable pacemaker. (Thankfully, more than 40 years passed between that first pacemaker and the obituary!)

What if there was a new MRI-type Imaging System that could be built with electronics that you can buy almost anywhere? There is! (And take a look at the quality of images it can produce!)

Well, this isn’t good. Be sure to warn your doctor if you have a family history of stroke.

“That blood vessel is too small for a stent.” Not any more.

Pfizer’s throwing in the towel.

Panasonic has a new computerized handheld tablet for hospital use, used for updating medical records. It’s based on the Panasonic Toughbook. Despite the new tablet, Electronic Medical Records still have a long way to go. Kevin is not a fan; and it makes one of his fellow doctors shout “I want my paper records back!”

Where you live does matter when you are seriously ill! Go here for the full report and a national map. More charts are available at the bottom of the page.

A new Stem Cell Therapy is entering the trial phase. Non-controversial, too, as the stem cells are taken from the patient’s thigh. I’m keeping an eye on this one!

Remember how the ACHA was campaigning for the Social Security policy team to allow adults to submit Pulse Oximeter readings rather than Arterial Blood Gas test results? Here’s why.


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