CSI:Links…Will Get Fooled Again

The theme song for CSI: Miami is The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Sometimes people just don’t realize that the song fits the series, or maybe they think CSI stands for “Can’t Solve It”.

I’m feeling a little cynical tonight; usually I collect links to important information and pass them along to you. But this week, it seems there seems to be a shortage of good links. Dr. Sacco’s link is important, but in the end it’s depressing. If you live in New York, please read that link and take the appropriate measures!

Dr. Joseph Sacco writes about a BIG problem in New York State’s medical system.

Somebody actually received a grant to study this.

Dr. Val Jones attended a press conference in which one speaker advocated taking your problems to the witch doctor. How was she able to sit through that foolishness?

Disease research? No, but we’ve figured out why you are bald!

How about a list of all the Bird Flu cases reported in humans?

And finally, here are some of the “Ig Nobel” winners: Scientific research that just doesn’t make any sense. Click the links; there are actually proofs and papers for each “theory”.

Dog fleas are better jumpers than cat fleas.

Side effects of sword swallowing. (“Sore throats are common,” the report cites.)

And finally…

Viagra helps hamsters recover from jet lag.


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