Deja vu… all over again

You might have seen this video before.

I originally posted this video back in late August, when there were about 3 people (including me!) who read Adventures of a Funky Heart. Now that we’ve grown, I’m running it again.

Heart Moms and Heart Dads, YOU need to watch this very short video. I know that I tell you “This is important!” or “Click here and read this important link!” a lot of times, but this one probably tops them all. It will especially come in handy if you ever feel that you and your Cardiac Kid are all alone in the world, and you’re waiting on the other shoe to drop.

Did you see that? Over One Million adults with heart defects. And there are about 885,000 children living with a heart defect, too, and medicine is improving all the time. A child who has Congenital Heart Surgery today has a 90% chance of reaching adulthood.

The odds are very good that your Cardiac Kid is going to grow up and live a happy life. But this is your child, and I am sure you worry. I bet you already catch your breath when the phone rings and he/she is not around. I’m sure you already dread that middle of the night phone call… nothing good happens in the middle of the night. But with good cardiac care and good fortune, this doesn’t have to happen. That unexpected phone call will be your Cardiac Kid screaming SHE SAID YES! in your ear.

Until then, you owe it to yourselves to find a good group of CHD families and patients and get involved. I say a “good group” because groups can be toxic, just like people. When I went to college a local CHD group was recommended to me by my new Cardiologist, and I attended a meeting. Everyone who spoke had a tale of woe… it was almost as if they were saying “I’m sicker than she is!” I knew two things about my heart at that time –  I have a heart; and it doesn’t work so great – but I had just managed to graduate high school and was 200 miles from home attending college, for crying out loud. I didn’t want to hear “We’re Doomed!” repeated over and over. I never went back.

So find a GOOD CHD group: No whining allowed! (“Venting” is different from whining. Whining is a general “Woe is me!” attitude. Venting is more of a “This is unfair and it makes me angry! How can I change it?” mindset.)

What will a good CHD group do for you? Just watch:

So take a little friendly advice and get involved. Because there is someone out there who thinks they are in this all by themself. Show them they aren’t.

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2 Responses to “Deja vu… all over again”

  1. Drea Huinink Says:

    Thankyou so much for posting the videos, it is nice to see adults surviving.. Sometimes you really wonder what the future holds.
    My son is a DORV,asd,vsd,coa,thlaa,hlv, single ventricle, we are noe waiting for the fontan…
    Please feel free to visit his web site. ( listed above..)

    thanks again.

  2. Steve Says:

    Hi, Drea and Hunter! Hunter, I was born a day after you! 🙂

    (But I’m just a *little* bit older!)

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