We’re Going to Link City, Gonna Have Some Fun…

Kim over at The CHD Blog has the results of a disturbing survey that you need to read. If you aren’t reading The CHD Blog, you need to. Kim’s a heart mom; she doesn’t post every day, but that makes her like E.F. Hutton: When she speaks, you should be listening.

Imagine this: Replacement heart valves that grow!

The Happy Hospitalist reminds us that while some drugs can be bad, others can be really nasty. Be careful? Bomb Disposal techs are “careful”, YOU almost need to be paranoid!

The FDA has new Drug Safety websites. Here’s the main page. The Drug-Specific Information link is HERE.

The Buckeye Surgeon strikes twice! First, he is frustrated by patients who have the Dwindles. Then, he puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat and takes on The Case of the Muzzled Wide Receiver.

Researchers are closer to finding out what causes heart enlargement, which could lead to heart failure.

There’s a new report out on fighting heart failure. Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist Dr. Wes has his doubts. Read both for yourself; I tend to side with the doc on this one.

Kevin, MD asks if you know how much chronic disease cost each year? The answer will scare you. (this link has a little age on it; the Presidential Debate is “tomorrow”). We could be saving that money.

Over at Rural Doctoring, Dr. Chan learns that poverty is needing an extra $10 a month.


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