You’re never too old!

My family was understandably worried when my 84 year old grandma had heart surgery a few years ago, it turns out that we didn’t have to be.

When you need help you call 911, even in bad weather. Paramedic SuperMonkey and his partner answer a call during hurricane force winds, and in the process they earn Oregon’s Medal of Valor!

Paramedic SuperMonkey strikes again when one of his patients turns out to be more than he expects…

Sean over at Poked and Prodded says that filling out the medical paperwork is just as much fun as having a tooth yanked. He’s getting ready for 2009 right now…

The Angry Pharmacist has some advice for you if you are trying to snowjob him into early refills of narcotics: “Lie better next time!” (WARNING: The pharmacist isn’t gentle, and sensitive ears might want to skip this one!)

But in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they know how to deal with addicts! (Especially the royal ones!)

Kevin, MD wonders why American Football players (who have access to some of the best medical care there is) are suddenly prone to infections. Could it be all those fancy diagnostic tools?

Now that you’re caught up on the news, go check on Katie!


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2 Responses to “You’re never too old!”

  1. Laura Albovias Says:

    OK, so I’m taking a break at work and checking up on my FB buddies. Steve’s writings are always a fun way to pass a few minutes. So I’m reading and clicking on his links and having a great time until I get to Angry Phamacist. In spite of the warning (or maybe because of the warning) I want to read it. However, the “parental controls” on my work compter won’t let me see it. They say it is “inappropriate material.” So now I have to wonder all day how juicy Angry Phamacist is. I have to wait until I get home and can access it without filters. Not fair!

  2. Steve Says:

    Hi, Laura! 🙂

    Let’s just say the pharmacist is QUITE angry! Our mommas would wash our mouths out with soap if we talked like that! 😮

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