2001: A Link Odyssey

Our first link was e-mailed to me by Madison’s mother, and it is an audio webcast of a program titled “Under-recognized Complications of Adult Congenital Heart Disease”. Be patient, the site takes a moment to load, but when it does you can choose to download the file as a MP3, listen to it as streaming audio, or request a transcript. This is worth hearing as preparation for when your Cardiac Kid grows up! After all, 90% of children having heart surgery today will survive to adulthood, so you might as well be ready!

In an e-mail I received earlier this week, Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) President Amy Verstappen said that the “standard number” of new Congenital Heart Defects cases each year is 1 in 120. The number is based on birth incidence,  and since not every Heart Defect is caught at birth, that number may be a little low. But 1 in 120 is a good starting point.

Kevin, MD notes that trying to save your money could cost us all. Bummer!

Blood is like milk! Thankfully you can’t buy a gallon at the corner market; I’m sure Dracula is disappointed.

Your mother was right! And if you ask”How long?” the answer is “As long as it takes to sing a verse of Happy Birthday!”


Wash your food before eating, or else you might have this problem. (That can’t happen… can it?)

North Dakota is a rural state with two seasons: Winter and July! But they have some of the best health care in the nation. How do they do it?

Dr. Rob reminds you that “You can cry in front of me.”

And we close with another gem from Dr. Rob, who describes a pediatric heart exam with wit and humor!

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