Look at you Now!

Tonight’s post got scrapped.

Oh, it’s still in the computer, ready to go; you’ll probably see it tomorrow. But someone sent me a wonderful video filmed at the Cardiac Unit of the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Children’s at Vanderbilt, if you remember, is where Colby recently had his surgery. And when I saw this video, it immediately moved to the head of the line!

So put on your headphones and turn up your speakers, here is Mark O’Shea singing Look at You Now.

Comments, of course, are always welcome!

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2 Responses to “Look at you Now!”

  1. Mark Says:

    hey Steve,
    Thanks for your email and kind words… this video was a lot of fun to make, and was the first time I’d actually gone public with my heart condition… I never thought it was something that you brought up.. it never really made for great dinner conversation….
    Am so glad I did and that this video got made.. I’ve had such an overwhelming response from parents of children with CHDs and from patients themselves…

    Thanks for getting behind it..


  2. Steve Says:

    The commenter above is Mark O’Shea, the writer and performer of the song “Look at You Now!”

    Mark’s website will be in Funky Heart’s blogroll ASAP, and he also asked me to tell you that the song is available at iTunes! You can find him at:


    Thanks for coming by, Mark! 🙂


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