New Guidelines for Heart Warriors

There are new guidelines out for Adults born with Congenital Heart Defects. Written as a collaborative effort between the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, the guidelines were published online just last week, and honestly I haven’t had a chance to read them yet.

Even without reading the guidelines, I’m encouraged by the fact that at least three of the writers are closely associated with the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) and are highly respected in the field of Adult Congenital Cardiology. Dr. Carole Warnes is a Professor of Medicine at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; Dr. Michael Landzberg is director of the Boston Area Congenital Heart (BACH) and Pulmonary Hypertension Services; and Dr. Gary Webb is director of the Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center. There may even be more ACHA – associated doctors among the writers that I’m just not familiar with; if I have missed someone, it’s unintentional and I apologize.

The guidelines are available online by clicking HERE. The overall readability is good –  there is a limited amount of “doctor-speak”, and important points are in plain English. The website says that they can be downloaded as a .pdf file. It would probably be best to download the document and read it on your computer rather than print it. The .pdf is 124 pages long!

Heart Moms and Heart Dads, you may also want to read the guidelines. After all, ninety percent (90%) of children born with a heart defect today will survive to adulthood. Even if your Cardiac Kid is still very young, you can learn a lot about the current thinking concerning Congenital Heart Defects and their treatment. In the online version, many of the footnotes (and there are over 500!) refer you to additional material that is also available online.


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3 Responses to “New Guidelines for Heart Warriors”

  1. carolyn compton Says:

    What are they doing in Minnesota? this sounds like something from startrek. Check out the story “made to order”. This was on 60 Minutes tonight in Australia. The claims sound too good to be true. But its nice to have optimists out there. it reminds me of the movie that you put me on to “Something the Lord Made”. You have to have dreamers for a dream to come true.

  2. Steve Says:

    The full transcript isn’t up yet, but it sounds like a stem cell breakthrough! I’ve not read much about it… but that may just mean that it isn’t *quite* that far along yet. 😦

    I’m all for stem cells… ADULT stem cells. Not because of any controversy over how Embryonic Stem Cells are obtained, but Adult Stem Cells have been the only ones that work, so far. After ten years of research, Embryonic stem cells seem to always have “promise”, but we’re actually using Adult Stem Cells!

  3. carolyn compton Says:


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