We’re all in this Together

You’re having a rough week.

If having a Congenital Heart Defect isn’t enough, you’re dealing with all the problems that can occur as a result of your defect: Having to watch your diet all the time. You can’t run and play with the other kids. Having to take a dozen pills every single day. The side effects of all that medication. (I’m pretty sure that my medicine gives me weird dreams.)  The doctor taking a long pause before he gives you your test results… that’s usually a BAD THING right there. Getting out of bed and making it to work on days that you feel like death warmed over. The guy in the next cubicle sneezing and sniffling, while you hope that he’s just got allergies, because a cold puts you in bed for a week.

And dealing with people who just don’t get it, because they are as healthy as a horse and have never even been in a hospital, except for that time when their Aunt Emma broke her leg. It’s frustrating and maddening and it makes you want to punch the wall. It feels like you are climbing Mount Everest, because it never ends.

You’re right… you are climbing Everest. It’s the biggest challenge you’ll ever face. But just remember, a lot of people never make it to the top of the world’s tallest mountain; they get close but have to turn back. For one reason or another, the journey is too much for them. And just remember, these people who always seem to be giving you unsolicited (and useless) advice… they may have climbed a few hills, but they’ve never done anything like this. So you have my permission to politely ignore them.

And any time life starts getting to you, any time you just feel like you HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE!, go to your Congenital Heart Defect support group and tell them all about it. Vent! (but don’t whine!) Just empty yourself out. We won’t mind, and we certainly understand. You see, we’ve all been there before. We’re all experienced mountain climbers, and we’re more than happy to throw you a rope. Because next time, you may have to throw us a lifeline.

So how do you climb Mount Everest? You do it one step at a time.


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One Response to “We’re all in this Together”

  1. Jessica Caperton Says:

    I needed to read this post. I was annoyed by a recent comment that it wasn’t a bad thing if Julianne gets exposed to some colds. It’ll help build up her immunity. They were basically saying that I was doing more harm than good keeping her out of nurseries, large crowds and germy situations. I politely told the person that a cold for Julianne is not the same as a cold for her or her child and its much better for Julianne not to get them at all. I still don’t think they “got it.” Grrr…

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