Let’s give them something to talk about…

Happy Thanksgiving! Things are quiet around the Heart household; the family meal was delicious and the Christmas Tree has been raised. I’m just being good, because Santa Claus is watching!

Actually, I’m thinking about being bad at Christmas. The lump of coal that Santa will drop in my stocking could be very useful if the price of oil goes back up!

For your reading pleasure tonight is a study done in Western Canada. Heart Parents are true heroes! But we knew that already… Just in case you haven’t figured it out just yet, i think that my Heart Mom and Heart Dad are true champs! I’m thankful for them on this special day (and every day).

Here’s an eight page .pdf file on cardiac catherization, written in simple English. It’s aimed at children, so if your Cardiac Kid has to have a cath, it would be good to go over this with him/her.

And here’s an eight page booklet (also a .pdf file) explaining some of the specialized “heart words” we use from time to time.

An Adventures of a Funky Heart post has been selected by “Surgexperiences”! Surgexperiences is a weekly roundup of posts from surgical blogs. It’s hosted on a different blog each week, and this time it appears at The Scalpel is Mightier than the Sword…

You may remember Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) member Heather Magee from her appearance on the TV show How to Look Good Naked. Next week, Heather is going to step in for me one day and tell you the story about telling her story. Hopefully Heather can help you tell the story you know best: “the story of you”.

And remember, Saturday is the 64th anniversary of the Blalock-Taussig Shunt! CHD surviviors are going to mark the occasion by wearing Red and Blue!

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One Response to “Let’s give them something to talk about…”

  1. Faith Mahoney Says:

    I just heard about your blog tonight from another heart mom friend. Thank you so much for this blog. As a mom to a single ventricle kiddo, it is great to see the words that you have typed. My Maggie Jane has DILV, TGA, and IAA (interrupted aortic arch). She has had her Norwood and Glenn and we are now waiting on her Fontann. She is 20 months old and doing great. Thank you so much!
    -Faith Mahoney (heart mom to Maggie Jane 20 months and Trent Ryan,
    3 1/2 yrs, HH)

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