Take your time and do it right

Starting next week, I won’t be posting new items every day. No, I am not going away – I’ve got a little case of “Blogger Burnout.” I try to generate good reading material for you every day, but it’s difficult to prepare quality material day after day. I will still post – often – but just not every 24 hours.

I still plan to liveblog from Lobby Day in Washington! My new phone works like a dream and I’m pretty sure I can post updates from it. It all depends finding an available Wi-Fi in the Capitol Complex, however!

A big THANK YOU to Heather for her guest appearance last week!

We have a new organization in our blogroll – Annabelle Baskets! Annabelle Baskets are “survival kits” given to little bitty Cardiac Kids after their heart surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. A noble cause – stop by and say hi! (or better yet, contribute a little!)

The blogroll has been rearranged… all of our links to CHD news, publications, and clinical trials are now grouped together under the heading “RESEARCH:” Take advangage of them! Dig in, find out the latest information, get involved in a clinical trial, and find out the latest from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Let’s figure out how to beat Congenital Heart Defects once and for all!

One day, there isn’t going to be a need for any CHD organization. I don’t know when that day is coming, but rest assured, it will get here. And on the day that my support group, the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) shuts the doors, I plan to be at our Home Office. This ol’ Funky Heart is going to make sure that the flag is folded properly one last time, and then shut off the lights. Afterwards, meet me at the nearest tavern.

We’ve won, and I’m buying!

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