TWO New Organizations!

There are not one, but two new organizations in the blogroll! The first is Hearts of Hope, a CHD Support group based in Sacramento, California. Most of the members seem to get their medical care at Sutter Memorial Hospital, but I bet they’ll welcome members from anywhere. Hey, they published my story, and I’m about as far away from Sacramento as a person can get!

Katie’s parents are starting a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit group in her name! The website – Kisses from Katie – just went live yesterday. They already have an event planned, a toy drive at the Connecticut Post Mall in cooperation with the Milford Police Department. They really need your help – not only with the toy drive, but also if you have any experience in setting up a Nonprofit organization or are just willing to help out around an office, I’m sure they’ll be glad to talk to you. So if you are in the Milford, Connecticut area and can do anything, contact them through Kisses from Katie.


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One Response to “TWO New Organizations!”

  1. carolyn compton Says:

    hey, i didn’t check your blog for a couple of entries and i thought you were easing off! glad to see you haven’t yet! In Australia, we don’t have a “Lobby Day” system that I’ve heard. I still find it really bizarre. Great idea, but very strange to me! evryone get out there and let them know!

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