Old McDonald had a link…

While waiting for a blood test today I was sitting next to a young mother with a newborn – and I do mean NEW! The little feller had been born this past Sunday (December 7th) and had been born a few weeks premature! As you can guess, he was TINY! Other than jaundice, he seems to be OK.

My cousin – who I consider as the sister I never had – was also born in December, a few months after me. When she calls me on my birthday she calls me “old man” because I am older than her. But when I call her on her birthday, she won’t let me call her “old woman” – she’s the same age I am!

There are some interesting items in our links tonight, not all of them about the heart. First, the Paramedic SuperMonkey says you can tell a good man by looking at his feet.

They’re patching holes in the heart without surgery in Atlanta!

Don’t believe everything you read about medical advances. Medical reporting is hard, and not many people do it well. Only you and your doctor get to decide what’s best for you. That goes for Adventures of a Funky Heart, too!

Deborah Heart and Lung Center seems to be doing things right! A big round of applause for them.

Heart Failure clinics do certain things well.

Miss-Elaine-ious, RN reminds us that strokes suck. I’ve had a very mild stroke – didn’t hurt a bit, but I was as scared as I have ever been. It’s no fun to think about life without a functional body. Learn the early warning signs and make the recommended lifestyle changes.

Researchers always thought that the heart didn’t regenerate itself. They might be wrong.

And finally, one last good post from Paramedic SuperMonkey: SuperMonkey’s brother passes the ultimate test.


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One Response to “Old McDonald had a link…”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and link to my blog. I look forward to reading your archives! Elaine

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