Reach deep

Have you talked to the bookkeeper of your favorite Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) support group lately?

Most CHD support groups live on donations, and as you know, the economy is down. I was a museum volunteer in September of 2001, and one of my jobs was to compile the weekly visitation statistics. After September 11, the number of visitors dropped… and was still down when I left the museum a few years later. Since I was a volunteer I didn’t see the exact numbers, but our donations dropped by more than 50% during that time period, also.

CHD support groups can be anything from an informal gathering of Heart Parents to a hospital based program, or a large national organization like the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA). But if your group has to cease operations due to a lack of funds, everything stops. No more group outings to the zoo for a smaller group, but for a national organization that means no more legislative presence, no more coordinated efforts to fund research, and no more efforts to find and assist those who are not receiving good medical care. And that hurts everyone.

If you can, send a donation to your CHD support group as soon as possible. If they owe you a reimbursement, check your budget and see if you can survive without that extra cash.

It’s really that important.


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