Judge Tolliver Speaks

In the 1999 HBO movie The Jack Bull, John Goodman plays Judge Tolliver, one of the few honest judges in the area. Near the end of the movie he speaks with a fellow judge:

“I worry about you and me, Judge Wilkins. I swear to God I do, ’cause if this country gets ruined… it’ll be ruined by people like you and me. This is a territory of unimportant people; most folks around here can’t even write their name. You and me… we’re the important people. Trouble is, there’s not enough of us important people to go around – we’re spread thin, so sometimes, important things get ignored or don’t get said. Like… take care of the little feller; see to it that he don’t get ignored or cheated or insulted; make sure that his dignity does not get trampled on. Now you’re feelin’ bad right now, and by God, you ought to… seein’ as what just happened to a decent man. Myrl Redding did not fail the law…the law failed Myrl.”

(Special thanks to The HealthcareBS blog, The Happy Hospitalist, KevinMD, the About.com Patient Empowerment blog, DrWes, the Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic blog, and Insureblog for the content behind the links!)


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  1. The Happy Hospitalist Says:

    you’re welcome!

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