It’s never as bad as you think

Even though you may think the roof is falling in on you, someone, somewhere is having a worse day than you are. I already knew this, but the lesson was shoved in my face when I forgot for a moment. I was at church, limping across the parking lot when a friend pulled in and parked his car.

“How you doing this morning?” he asked me. Well, I opened a fresh bottle of whine and told him all my problems. My hernia was bothering me, bugging me to the point that I was limping. It was cold. I was shivering. This, that, and the other thing. I’m sure I even mentioned that I was ugly and my momma dressed me funny. He was sympathetic, but obviously he had no magic potion to make everything right, so he told me that he would keep me in his prayers.

About an hour later he had a seizure during the Worship Service. He probably weighs 180 pounds, at most, and it took five strong men to hold him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

And here I had been, just yammering away as if I were the only person in the world who had ever been sick. Needless to say, my attitude was adjusted quickly.


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