Houston, we have a problem!

I have a problem, and I need your help!

My hernia has really started acting up the last few days, and I’m worried that it may leave me on the sidelines for Lobby Day. If it does, I’ve got an alternate plan… I’ll stay at our co-ordination center and work with the ACHA office staff, doing whatever needs to be done there. I’ll still blog as we get reports back from the Capitol building and as our members return from their lobbying efforts. I’m also pretty sure that I can arrange a couple of interviews – you’ll read those after I have a chance to listen to the tape and type them up.

Would you rather hear from a CHD survivor? A Cardiologist? Or a Heart Parent?

Liveblog on Funky Heart or Twitter? Or both? (There might be some activity concerning Lobby Day on The CHD Blog; Kim and I haven’t put out heads together on that yet.)

My question is, what do you – the CHD community who reads this blog – want to read about from Lobby Day? I have a general plan, but I’d like your input… you could easily have a perspective that I haven’t thought of!

Have an idea? Leave a comment!


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One Response to “Houston, we have a problem!”

  1. babyluke Says:

    I’d be interested to hear from about how specific meetings went with representatives/staff. Also, I don’t really understand the lobbying process and it may help me and more people to become involved if we have a better understanding of how we can make a difference.

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