Just a little news!

Communicated with a Heart Mom on Twitter last night and today – she had mentioned that her son was due for a cardiology appointment today. Since I have Monitter (a program that allows you to monitor Twitter for certain words) I dropped her a note wishing her luck. Got back a tweet later that said he had a “stellar” appointment!

Kim (Owner of The CHD Blog) and I are both going to be at Lobby Day 2009, and we’re working out plans to cover the event. Nothing in concrete yet, but we have ideas. We’re open to your ideas, also, so please leave a comment if there is something you really want to know or see.

If you get your Funky Heart updates by e-mail, you will want to actually visit the site on February 10th. I’m not sure if you’ll get an email with one entry (the first one of the day) or a dozen short entries, so to make sure you don’t miss anything it might be best for you to visit the website.

Not only is Beja out of surgery, a jailbreak occurred! She’s back home from her surgery after being a patient at Emory!


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