Same, but Different

“Oh, Congenital Heart Defects? My cousin has a defect, that’s why I give to the Big Red Heart every year.”


I really hate to burst your bubble, but the Big Red Heart does not do that much to support Congenital Heart Defect Research and causes. That’s not their job… their mission statement says so:

The [Big Red Heart’s] impact goal is to reduce coronary heart disease, stroke and risk by 25 percent by 2010.

For years their contribution to CHD research may have been less then 10% of its revenue. Some contend that it was as low as 1%. But because they are who they are, people just sort of assume they are concerned with every aspect of Cardiac problems. In reality, they have found what they want to concentrate on and they are good at it.

There’s nothing wrong with the Big Red Heart. There’s a lot of fine, dedicated people working for them. Lots of good information over there, on Congenital problems and other forms of heart trouble. But if you intend to support Congenital Heart Defect research, survivors, and causes, you need to donate to a group that funnels most of its donations to a CHD cause.


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2 Responses to “Same, but Different”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Well said and sadly so true. I have had to re-educate a few family members who proudly told us they were helping CHD research because they gave to “the big red heart” and we had to (kindly) let them know that virtually nothing goes into CHD research/funding and that heart disease is not the same as CHD. We’ve directed those that wish to donate to groups that funnel funds directly to CHD research as you’ve suggested. I wish it wasn’t the case but the big red heart seems to focus on adult onset heart disease…a whole different ballgame.

  2. Christina Davis Says:

    Good reminder.

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