Two Friends in a Hole

It’s happening!

Using Facebook to promote Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) awareness is picking up steam. If you have a CHD, are a Heart Mom or Heart Dad, or just a friend of someone who has a Heart Defect, join us! Change your status to read “(Your Name) is a Congenital Heart Defect Survivor! Celebrate CHD Week with me, Feb. 8-14, 2009.” Of course, word it differently if you are a parent or a friend!

Heart Defect Survivors depend on our support group. Our parents are priceless; our friends are irreplaceable. But sometimes the most important people in our lives are Fellow Survivors…. someone we can sit down and talk with. No holds barred and nothing held back. Someone who has been down the same road we’ve been down. They are the only ones who truly understand what we deal with.

Promoting CHD Awareness in a large group like Facebook is a great thing. But it is not only for education – with luck, we can find other people in the same boat that we are in. Someone who can toss us a rope when we need it.

One of the best scenes from the TV show The West Wing occurred when Leo McGary (Played by the late John Spencer) told Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) the story about the guy who fell in the hole. His friend came along and dove in the hole with him! “What did you do that for? Now we’re both in the hole!” the first guy said.

“Yeah, but I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out,” the friend answers.

Sometimes you have to have someone who has been in the hole before.

If you’ve never seen the original scene from The West Wing, view the video below.


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5 Responses to “Two Friends in a Hole”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Totally unrelated to your post (a good post by the way), thanks! But wondering if you have light to shed on this (link below). This is new to me, but googling seemed to produce some papers and research linking scoliosis and thoracotomies and some sternectomies. Do you have any knowledge of this or any of your adult CHD warriors?

    • Steve Says:

      Obviously, there’s a possibility. A search of the ACHA message board shows that adult survivors have had it… but it seems to be “hit and miss.” No one seems to have any solid information on WHY or HOW it occurs. 😦

  2. Lisa Says:


    Great idea! We will actually be taking Eli in on Sunday, the 8th for his first OHS on the 9th. What a way to celebrate CHD awareness!

    Prayers welcomed!

  3. Getting Ready « Adventures of a Funky Heart! Says:

    […] Adventures of a Funky Heart! Written by an Adult Congenital Heart Defect Survivor « Two Friends in a Hole […]

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