What follows is a video of a Stage One Palliation for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) performed at Miami (Florida) Children’s Hospital by Dr. Redmond Burke, MD.

WARNING: This is a real heart operation performed on a real patient. It is graphic, and may be disturbing to some Funky Heart readers.


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4 Responses to “HLHS Surgery (PLEASE READ THE WARNING!)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    BRAVO! I am so glad you are showing this. Tough for some but great for education and those that are helped by seeing. Our son’s surgery is the coarctation repair by Dr. Burke….so tough to hear (I can’t watch the beginning) but the ending Dr. Burke added is so great. I was iffy about allowing it to be put on youtube but the education factor for surgeons around the world is enormous. I also figured they did a great job if they are willing to post a video!
    God bless the brave surgical teams.

  2. carolyn compton Says:

    i am grateful to see this. thanks

  3. James Scuka Says:

    Thank you, we just got diagnosed three days a go, @ week 21. This was helpful to me. I wish I knew more. Please contact me if you are involved with HLHS, thanks, DAD OF A SOON TO BE HLHS BABY!

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