Hey, I know that guy!

Dr. Jennifer Shu, who appears on XM Radio‘s Reach MD, has an interview with Dr. Mike McConnell. Dr. McConnell is co-director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease clinic at Sibley Heart Center in Atlanta and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. He’s also on the Adult Congenital Heart Association‘s (ACHA) Medical Advisory Board. AND…he’s the Funky Heart’s cardiologist!

I’ve been his patient forever, it seems, and always seek him out when I’m in the middle of a health crisis. (I keep my regular “Nothing unusual is going on” appointments, too! That’s one of the most important parts of good medical care: routine monitoring and examinations.)

Dr. McConnell and Dr. Shu discuss transitioning a Pediatric cardiac patient to Adult care. The broadcast schedule (and a link to the podcast) can be found here.


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One Response to “Hey, I know that guy!”

  1. Jesse Smith Says:

    Hi Funky Heart! My name is Jesse and I am the proud Heart Mama of Luke. Luke was diagnosed in utero with single ventricle (most closely related to double inlet left ventricle). Luke’s single ventricle diagnosis is quite rare because he does not have the typical corresponding transposition.

    Luke just turned two and is a happy, healthy, slightly cyanotic =) boy. Feel free to add him to you “Cardiac Kids” list on your blog. Our blog address is http://smithfamilyjourney.blogspot.com.

    Thank you for your blog … I love to read it!


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