Update on Gracie

Our friend Gracie is in trouble. A Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) survivor, she recently had a heart transplant. The new heart isn’t working very well. Ironically, the problem is in her new left Ventricle. It’s barely functioning, so Gracie has the same problem she had before the transplant.

In a few days her doctors plan to try a Ventricular Assist Device known as the Berlin Heart. So get over to Gracie’s blog on the double and let her know we’re all keeping her in our thoughts.

UPDATE: Saturday February 28:  Gracie is too sick for the Berlin Heart. They are running out of options and time is not a friend. Keep Gracie and her parents in your thoughts, some critical decisions will need to be made soon.

2 Responses to “Update on Gracie”

  1. Posh Totty Says:

    Thinking of Gracie and her parents so much right now Xxx

  2. Kelly Says:

    Got your text…just couldn’t even type. Praying.

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