Let’s go to the carnival!

Ever been part of a Blog Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is a group of blog posts by different bloggers, all writing on the same subject. In a way it is like a magazine: Different articles provided by a variety of writers, but all focused on the same idea or subject. You don’t, for example, pick up a magazine titled Auto Repair Weekly and expect to find an article about painting your house! A Blog Carnival is similar… all of the articles have the same (general) topic.

Two of the better known Blog Carnivals for medical bloggers are Change of Shift, organized by and for nursing bloggers; and Grand Rounds, which is assembled by doctors. A Blog Carnival isn’t always limited to members of that group; I have a post appearing in the Grand Rounds that is linked above, but I am not a doctor.

The Carnival editor (me, in this case) advertises the Carnival and the general subject, gathers the posts that are submitted, provides a link to each post, and (hopefully) adds some snappy writing to tie it all together. So if you have a blog and Heart Defects touch your life in any way, I’d like for you to think about participating in our first Blog Carnival! Just drop me a note (My e-mail is in THIS LINK) and tell me that you are interested. There’s no obligation.


4 Responses to “Let’s go to the carnival!”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I would love to be a part of a blog carnival for heart defects. Count me in!

  2. Michelle Gilliam Says:

    My son Caleb was just diagnosed with a heart defect. Caleb is 14 years old and had a Coartation of the Aorta repaired in January. While they were repairing they found a PAPVR and an ASD. Caleb will be having open heart surgery at the end of the summer. HOPEFULLY!! We did not know but Caleb was born with these heart defects. I cannot even imagine what if we never found out till it was too late.

  3. Michelle Gilliam Says:

    We would love to join in.

  4. Designer Heart Says:

    Would love to know if any of our Blog’s on http://www.DesignerHeart.com could be used in the carnival or if you had another theme in mind?

    The Designer Heart Team

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