Bet ya didn’t know…!


I’m late, I know I’m late… the hernia has been in a bad mood. I’ve spent plenty of time stretched out on the couch with a heating pad today. But the hernia is not going to win. I am going to win, and Mr. Hernia needs to realize this and just start playing nice!

We’ve got a lot of new links that have been building up, so there is plenty for you to read tonight. First of all, here’s a cool 3-D model of the heart used to prep for surgery.  It’s a computer model of the patient’s actual heart… study it, turn it, look at from every angle, and there is less chance of nasty surprises happening during the actual surgery!

Think fast! Five Congenital Heart Defects present Cyanosis early in life, and all start with the letter T. Can you name them? The answers are below.

By studying Chicken Hearts we can learn something about human hearts!

Here’s another surgery simulator! This one is tough, if you mess up here, call your lawyer!

China hasn’t been taking care of it’s environment, and it is coming back to haunt them. Chinese families are getting crushed, too.

Here’s a long post on Infective Endocarditis (split into three parts! Make sure to note the last paragraph in the third box!) Endocarditis is something you don’t want to mess with, but you’re more susceptible to it if you have a heart defect.

Barney Fife used to say that “We have to nip it in the bud, Andy!” He’d love this: Heart surgery done BEFORE the child is born!

Answer to the question above: The five blue T’s are: Tetralogy (of Fallot); Transposition (of the Great Arteries); Truncus Arteriosus; Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return; and Tricuspid Atresia!


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