Tonights menu: Links! (with Chili!)

This is a long, but excellent read: AD over at A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver writes a love letter to his daughter.

There is a new sub-specialty of Cardiologists. They aren’t Adult Congenital Heart Defect Cardiologists, but this can only be good news for CHD patients. The medical field is starting to realize that there is a need for doctors who can serve a small patient base. They are also trying to help patients gain the confidence to manage their own care.

Here’s an EKG strip I hope you never see.

I could have used this after my second heart surgery! Adhesions almost put me in the ground, so this product is very welcome!

People who research treatment options get better care. So don’t just sit there like a bump on a log – get active and get involved! This is your body, find out what’s going on!

Traveling with a chronic illness can be a challenge – but challenges are made to be overcome! Don’t sit at home wishing, go places! Do things! Have Fun! Send a postcard to the Funky Heart! The name of this article is “Travel Tricks for Sick Chicks” but most of the recommendations are for all ages and genders.

Healthcare guidelines are making doctors and patients enemies. Our leaders need to get it together, your doctor is supposed to be a trusted advisior. And if you don’t trust your advisiors, bad things can happen.


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