In the words of the great Paul Harvey:

“Good Morning America! Stand by for news!”

If you remember our postings of February 10, the Funky Heart traveled to Washington, DC to join with other Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Survivors and our Cardiologists to lobby for the Congenital Heart Futures Act.

At 9:33 AM Eastern Time this morning, Adventures of a Funky Heart! received word that the Congenital Heart Futures Act has been introduced in both the House and the Senate! The Senate sponsors are Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Thad Cochran (R-MS); on the House side the sponsors are Zachary Space (D-OH) and Gus Bilirakis (R-FL). The official press release from Senator Durbin’s office is HERE. The Children’s Heart Foundation has a press release HERE.

The Senate Bill is S. 621 and the House version is H.R. 1570. The text of the bill has not been posted yet, I will link to it when it is available. There are also certain to be other press releases and comments from CHD organization leaders available, I will also link to them.

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One Response to “NEWSFLASH!”

  1. Christina Davis Says:

    Hey Steve!

    Do not miss the FINAL Season of ER + Camp del Corazon.

    Please tune in for a magical night with the amazing stars of Camp del Corazon acting alongside the cast of the NBC drama ER along with special guest star Tom Arnold. This unforgettable episode will air on Thursday, March 26th. The segment will sensitively portray the unique relationships and heartfelt stories of the courageous children who are growing up while living with the birth defect known as heart disease. Watch how these dedicated campers battle with their heart disease and build emotional bonds with one another that helps transform their futures.

    One of the experiences that will be portrayed is of my 10 year-old nephew Alec who has TOF. My sister shared this info…

    “I just heard some exciting news and thought I would pass it on. As most of you know, Alec has gone to a wonderful heart camp called Camp del Corazon for several years. Some of you may also know that Alec had so many wonderful experiences there, but one in particular that was very touching.

    Alec had really wanted to climb to the top of the (very tall- like 30-40 feet high) climbing wall. He wanted to touch the top! He had tried many times in the past, but had been too scared to climb up all the way. He tried again, this time with the major encouragement from his favorite counselor, Putter. He stopped climbing….Putter encouraged him to go a bit further….he did…. then stopped climbing… Putter put on his gear, climbed up beside him, and encouraged him again…. he climbed higher…. then freaked out. He started calling for me, and wanted to keep going but was too scared.

    Putter then did something amazing. He slung Alec (all 65 pounds of him) on his back and climbed the top of the wall. Alec even said with concern to Putter as they got near the top, “Can you keep going?”. Alec was so glad he touched the top of the wall! We didn’t hear about this story until much later, from a camp nurse who took the attached photo. We had these photos printed and gave them to Putter as well as the founders of the Camp. We feel it exemplifies the love, compassion and devotion that Putter and all the Camp staff show the children.

    NOW—for the good part— This story is to be on NBC’s show ER on March 26th!! They are doing an ER show all about Camp del Corazon, and this is one of the stories that they are doing in the show (we were told it will be with a little girl climbing the wall). The writer of ER is a close friend of one of the camp founders, and when they were talking about doing the show, she told him about the great story that happened with Alec and Putter and he wanted to include it in the show. This is the second to last ER show ever, as it is the final season. Just thought I would give you a head’s up so you can watch it and think of Alec! Alec said “Oh, yeah, I’m going to be famous” when we told him about it! Ha ha.”

    I am excited to watch!
    Hugs & Prayers,
    Jacob’s Momma

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