New Catheter patch for VSD repairs!

Here’s something new and very cool… a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) patch that can be inserted via Catheter! It’s been in use in Europe and has just been approved for use by the FDA.

Fixing a VSD through Catheterization is difficult, to say the least. Entry to the heart is through the blood vessels, and normally all the blood vessels connect to the upper chambers of the heart, the Left and Right Atrium. Once inside an Atrium, the Catheter has to very gently be threaded through a heart valve into the Ventricle. Then the VSD must be located, the  Catheter moved to the correct location, and the patch inserted.

And no sudden moves please… unless you want to damage that heart valve! Most patients (and their doctors) would prefer that  you didn’t!

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