Jillian’s Zipper

Jillian found her zipper a few days ago. Like a lot of Cardiac Kids, she wasn’t impressed… one of the first thoughts that popped into her mind (and out of her mouth) was that no one else had one. Jillian felt like she was alone.

You aren’t alone, Jillian –  Eli has a zipper, and so does Jacob, and so does Madison. A lot of adults have zippers – my friend Amy has a zipper! Mark has one, and Rachel, and Paul! And I’ve got a zipper, too!

We aren’t everywhere, but there are a lot of us – someone who is really smart once figured out that there are almost two million people with zippers!

Because there aren’t that many of us, and we’ve all had those times when we thought that we were the only one in the world. Nobody else knew. And we didn’t have a single friend who understood what it felt like when our heart let us down.

But we’re finding out that there are a lot more folks out there with funky hearts, and we’re emailing and writing and blogging and talking to each other on the phone, and we stick together like a family. You may think you’re the only one, but we’re right there if you need us.

Because we’ve all felt like we were alone – and it wasn’t any fun.


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