Corey has come through the Fontan. He’s still in the PICU as of last night, but hanging in there. At first he was greatly distressed about not getting his daily supply of  Apple Juice (I’m with you, Corey! AJ is one of my favorites, too!) but he’s to the point now that he can have some. All is not well in his world, but the outlook is much better now that the Apple trees are blooming again!

My friend Anthony is home after his heart transplant! He’s still weak, but he’s home, and that is the important part!

I’m sorry for not updating you sooner – there’s a big (but still secret!) event coming up that I’m still working on, and I’m trying to get everything arranged to be a part of it. And now there looks like there might be yet another event not long after that one!

Time will tell, we’ll have to wait and see, etc. etc.


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