Funky Heart chows down at the Grand Rounds Cafe

Hey Hey! Kerri over at Six Until Me was nice enough to include a Funky Heart post in this week’s Grand Rounds, even after I had mis-entered her e-mail address and sent my original submission… somewhere! Thank you, Kerri!

Grand Rounds is THE premier collection of medical blogging from around the Internet, hosted at a different site each week. Get over to Kerri’s website and read some fantastic writing! (And perhaps one day, our CHD Blog Carnival can be as big as Grand Rounds!)

ABC News and Grand Rounds, all in one day… now where did I put that lottery ticket?


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One Response to “Funky Heart chows down at the Grand Rounds Cafe”

  1. Christina Davis Says:


    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate reading your posts. Thanks for all you research and sharing CHD news!

    Hugs & Prayers,
    Heart Momma to Jacob (TGA)

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