Flu Update: Wednesday morning, April 29

Starting today, I’m going to cut back on the flu updates and get back to writing about Congenital Heart Defects.  I’ll still keep an eye on it, I just won’t be posting about it as often.

The first confirmed death has occurred, a 23 month old child in Texas.  Any type of Flu can kill, and when it does, it usually claims the young, the old, or those not in the best of health.

CIDRAP now features a good Swine Flu Breaking News page.

Janet over at Adventures in Ethics and Science has a good post on ethically allocating healthcare resources in a time of crisis. You need t o read this and understand what she’s saying: In a time of crisis, you very well could be on your own.

If the Flu worsens we’ll probably hear the terms “Isolation” and “Quarantine” thrown around. Effect Measure defines what those terms mean, and why one works and the other doesn’t.  They also give us a quick lesson on why some drugs work and others don’t.

UPDATE: New technology to detect Swine Flu virus.


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One Response to “Flu Update: Wednesday morning, April 29”

  1. Kim Knipp Says:

    mom of a CDH kiddo(AV Canal + ToF) here…thanks for all the swine flu research you are doing…its really hard not the “freak out” but I am trying, you know we fight so hard for our kids, and worry about the flu, colds, RSV,…summer time is supposed to be our time to relax and let our kids live a little. Swine flu, just upsets me. I guess we will just have to keep up the constant disinfecting and not getting out. Best wishes to you and prayers for your health. It is really nice to hear from adults with CHD…very encouranging to us moms of little ones, God Bless

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