Top Ten Reasons to date a CHD Survivor!

In the spirit of a David Letterman Top Ten List, Adventures of a Funky Heart! presents:

The Top Ten Reasons to Date a Congenital Heart Defect Survivor!

#10 – Admit it… scars are hot!

#9 – Our childhood wasn’t “normal” – so it’s alright if yours wasn’t either.

#8 – Listening to a CHDer’s funky heart beat & us listening to your strangely normal one encourages cuddling.

#7 – You have a built in excuse to check out our smokin’ hot torsos.

#6 – We know from experience that vulnerability is nothing to be ashamed of and can even be a strength.

#5 – Accompanying us to our cardiology appointments can offer fabulous opportunities for travel and site-seeing!

#4 – CHDers need to trust you enough to know that you won’t let them down. If you’re dating a CHDer, you’ve been judged and found worthy.

#3 – Sternotomy scars accentuate cleavage.

#2 – We understand how precious life is and we’re not going to waste it!

#1 – CHDers know EXACTLY how to make your heart race… !

My friends in the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA)  and I put this list together a few months ago. It makes me smile every time I read it.

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6 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons to date a CHD Survivor!”

  1. Top Ten Reasons to date a CHD Survivor! Says:

    […] Original post by Steve […]

  2. Boson Higgs Says:

    Letterman is a Marfan.

  3. Teri Martin Says:

    Love it! we should put this on our facebook pages!

  4. Lisa Says:

    I love this! :o)

  5. Slatosky Says:

    I am so saving this for my daughter 😛

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