Sea Level is for Sissies!

File a flight plan and warm up the jet, we’re going on a trip! The Funky Heart will be in Boulder, Colorado for the 31st Annual Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day, May 25, 2009!

The Bolder Boulder is pretty tough… the distance is 10 Kilometers, or 6.2136 Miles. That’s considered a short course in the running world, but the city of Boulder is at an altitude of 5, 430 feet above sea level – more than a mile high! That makes the Bolder Boulder quite the challenge; one of the race slogans is “Sea Level is for Sissies!”

But that’s nothing. Try running, walking, or jogging 6 miles at 5400 feet with a congenital heart defect… but that is what a group of my friends are going to do! The local chapter of the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) is going to participate in the race, for the fourth time. And I’ll be right there with them! I don’t plan to walk or run (There no way I could get acclimated to the altitude quickly enough) but I’ll be helping out, blogging from Boulder, and I plan to twitter on Memorial Day during the run.

We’re going to raise funds for the local ACHA chapter and raise awareness of CHD Survivors. It’s going to be great fun – the local ACHA chapter is doing a lot of different, but related events over Memorial Day weekend.  So if you’d like to join us at an event, email the Denver group at for more information. And if you see someone in an ACHA t-shirt zoom by during the race, cheer us on!

And stand united with a bunch of Funky Hearts as we Rock Boulder!

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One Response to “Sea Level is for Sissies!”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Steve! I’m excited that you’re coming to join us this year. I just realized it’s basically 2 weeks away! 😀 (& Yikes! I still have a lot to do!)

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