Important Flu Update: Thursday Night, May 7

CNN is reporting that both of the Swine Flu victims who died in the United States had underlying chronic illnesses. The toddler visiting from Mexico fought several illnesses, including a heart defect.

I still think that your chances of contracting the Swine flu are low, especially if you take the precautions of washing your hands and covering your coughs or sneezes. The virus is not airborne; it is transmitted by the droplets generated by coughing or sneezing. (Those are airborne! you say, and you are correct. But the virus is not transmitted by casual contact, it “hitches a ride” on the droplets expelled during coughing or sneezing.)

See a doctor as soon as possible if you develop flu-like symptoms. Make sure the doctor is familiar with your overall health before he prescribes you anything. Some drugs can counter our heart medication. Continue to exercise caution – whenever I get an illness that settles into my chest, I plan to sleep sitting up in the recliner for a few nights: I know that if I lie down, I won’t be able to breathe very well.

And plan now to get the flu shot(s) that are offered next fall. Because the virus never really goes away – Flu can’t do its thing when the weather is hot, so it tends to move to the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are the opposite of what the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing.


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2 Responses to “Important Flu Update: Thursday Night, May 7”

  1. Important Flu Update: Thursday Night, May 7 | Swine Flu Outbreak Says:

    […] Continued here: Important Flu Update: Thursday Night, May 7 […]

  2. carolyn compton Says:

    Oh great….the southern hemisphere…..

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