The Bolder Boulder Soundtrack!

The soundtrack can make or break a film – after all, what do you think of whenever someone mentions the old TV show Dragnet? Almost everyone thinks of that four note opening theme: DUM DA DUM DUM! Everyone knows the Star Wars theme – and even though you may not know the title, you’re probably familiar with the Imperial March, the heavy bass tune that is played whenever the Empire is on the move. That song lets you know that the bad guys are again up to no good, and that Darth Vader is certain to be involved!

The Bolder Boulder also has a soundtrack! This is really pretty cool – all along the six mile course, local entertainers will be performing, keeping both the crowd and the participants pumped up. Crowd support can keep a runner motivated – during the 1996 Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in Columbia, South Carolina, part of the course passed through Fort Jackson. Many of the runners said that the sight of hundreds of US Army trainees cheering for them really helped them keep going!

The Bolder Boulder soundtrack is available – FREE! Just click this link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can order a CD containing music from most of the entertainers for the outstanding price of $0.00! (I don’t know if there is a shipping and handling charge, but the CD itself is free!) Plug it into your CD player as you work out and see if you don’t work a little harder!

The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) participants are going to be enjoying the music too, but if you really want to get us fired up, stand up and show you’re with us. If you see an ACHA participant go by during the race, shout long and loud! Send us an e-mail at asking how you can get involved. Consider making a donation to the ACHA (We’re a nationally recognized nonprofit organization!). Give us a yell if you see an ACHA member in downtown Boulder. Or, join the ACHA. Like the Bolder Boulder soundtrack, ACHA membership is free!

’till next time;

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