They aren’t trying to kill you, just tax you to death

They are determined to get you coming and going – The Colorado House of Representatives recently passed a “Sick Tax“! But you’ll never see it – in fact the legislation allows the cost to be “hidden” in your hospital bill, not included in an itemized list.

We seem to have it backwards – rather than trying to encourage all Americans to pursue a healthy lifestyle, our government entities want to encourage unhealthy behavior – and then tax it to pay for healthcare! For example, Federal lawmakers want more taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Ummm… wouldn’t it seem that if you did what you could to protect your health, healthcare costs should go down? But hospitals have no real incentive to prevent readmission by promoting wellness – that’s a fast way to lose money.

There is even a move to add a tax on soda and other sugary drinks. Former President Bill Clinton says that is not the way to reduce childhood obesity, but rather focus on preventing obesity and promoting wellness. His Alliance for a Healthier Generation is doing just that by setting guidelines for beverages sold in schools. You want to cut obesity in school aged children? Limit the number of calories they take in. How do you do that? Start stocking the vending machines with water (0 Calories) and low calorie juices and diet drinks. You can still sell Coke and Pepsi – just reduce the size of the container. You’ve seen those 8 ounce cans, I’m sure.

No matter what happens in the healthcare debate, the best way to cut you own personal costs is to take care of yourself. Start an exercise program, with your doctor’s permission. Don’t drink to excess. Don’t make the bacon triple cheeseburger with fries and a pickle your main lunch choice.

Enjoy your life by living it to the fullest!


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