Heart is my name, travel is my game!

A great trip from my home to Boulder, Colorado today! I thought we were off to a bad start when the plane broke, and they shifted us to another gate. The Airline also pushed the takeoff time back half an hour, which might make it a little tight on time when changing planes. Thankfully the pilot was able to get back some of the time he had lost and the weather was iffy in Atlanta, which delayed us there a few minutes. All told, we made up the time cross country, the plane landed right on time!

Good instructions from the Denver team led me right to SkyRide (a shuttle to and from the airport) and set me up with a taxi. The hotel is great, and the oxygen concentrator was waiting on me when I got here! A perfect trip!

We’re in “quiet mode” tomorrow, it will be my day to explore Boulder. Life goes on around a road race, and most of the participants are getting the little odds and ends of life taken care of. Things heat up Sunday and especially Monday!

The first time I ever flew was to Birmingham, Alabama for my second heart surgery. Birmingham has some bad weather, which occasionally includes tornadoes. The Pilot announced that we had to circle for a while because a tornado had been in the area and the air was very disturbed. Finally he announced that things had quietened down and we were cleared to land. The air wasn’t THAT settled; the plane bumped and rocked all the way down, and I was green. And not because my heart was giving problems, either! No more flights for me, please!

But now I love going places! That flight was probably a once in a lifetime thing and occurred during the worst month of my life. Naturally I was going to hate it!


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