Heart Moms

I walked through my door at 10:31 PM, Eastern time. The flight was delayed a bit by weather, but other than that it went well.

Lucas is going to have his first surgery soon, so keep this young man in your thoughts. Keep his mom in your thoughts, also… she’s struggling with the eternal question, WHY?

There’s no good answer to the “Why?” question yet. Perhaps if we find the answer, we can learn how to stop Congenital Heart Defects. But in reality the question is almost never “Why?” but rather an unasked question that every Heart Mom asks: Did I cause this?

As far as we know, NO! My mom, for example (and millions of others like her) did everything right, yet I was born with a heart defect. No one had any clue how or why some hearts were defective back then, so my mom did the natural thing – she blamed herself.

Lucas will undergo the Blalock-Taussig Shunt soon, and his parents will be frightened beyond their imagination. When the operation takes longer than expected (they always do) his mother will fret and pace and stare at the clock. She’ll meet the best doctors and nurses and wish she never had to know these people. She’ll learn as well as any soldier exactly what it means to go into battle. She’ll come to know her son’s heart as well as she knows the layout of her own home, and when something is wrong, she’ll probably be the first one to pick up on it.

She’ll cringe every time the phone rings and he isn’t there. She’ll want to know where he is and who he is with all the time, possibly so much so that he thinks that she is stifling his social life. One day he’ll come to realize that she’s just looking out for him, but it will seem that that day will never come. But she’ll keep at it, never losing hope and never giving up.

Why? Because she’s a Heart Mom. And Heart Moms go above and beyond.

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One Response to “Heart Moms”

  1. Andrea Himmelberger Says:

    Not sure if you already know, but Lucas is actually having his surgery today. I plan to go visit them soon. Thanks for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

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