Flu Update, June 2

Swine Flu, or more correctly “A/H1N1”, has faded from our minds but it is still out there.  Flu is not supposed to be a warm weather virus, it should only be active in the Southern Hemisphere at this time of year, but it looks as if someone forgot to tell H1N1. It’s still active in the Northern Hemisphere, just not around here. And since it is not the Crisis of the Week, our media is ignoring it.

But it will probably be back in the winter. From the Patient Empowerment blog, here’s a good look at what is happening to prepare for the next round. One of the more important points noted is the vaccine will probably be a live vaccine, and there could be warnings about getting it. Those of us with weakened immune systems and chronic conditions may not be able to, at least at first. It could be a good time to subscribe to Netflix!

If you or someone you know does get the flu, here is a good synopsis of symptoms that mean it is time to seek medical attention. Anytime you catch the flu, probably the best advice is to get rest and drink plenty of fluids. But if you see these signs start to develop, it’s time to seek some help.

Here’s a new and very good resource for staying updated on the flu from an unusual source: The Chinese newspaper Xinhua. No one seems to be able to figure out where they are getting their information but it seems to be accurate: Revere, the Effect Measure author that I often link to, couldn’t find any reference to the outbreak in Peru on the Internet, but an overseas call by a Spanish speaking friend confirmed the story. Xinhua has sources everywhere, it seems.

The page is updated often and reflects current information – Sunday, for example, the Chinese reported a total of 33 cases of the flu. Earlier today the number had risen to 43.

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One Response to “Flu Update, June 2”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for sharing your very good resources of news about flu. Hope swine flu won’t get worst during the winter though.

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